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Founded in 1996, FoodTrack has established itself as a leading provider of critical food safety information; we are the organization the food industry relies on for real-time notifications of recalls, outbreak, and other critical issues. We’ve covered many major events over the years, including: ground beef (1997), spinach (2006), melamine (2007), peanuts (2009), cucumbers and ice cream (2015), romaine lettuce (2018), and sesame seeds (2020). And we have witnessed the rapid rise of labeling issues and allergen awareness.

Assorted fruits and vegetables

We’ve expanded our surveillance and reporting and now cover both domestic and global as the import-export industry continues to boom.

We are proud of our commitment to food safety intelligence and have been rewarded with a loyal and long-standing client base. Our team is aware of the challenges you face and we understand the importance of accuracy and consistency when it comes to maintaining brand integrity and company reputation. Your time is valuable, your work is important, and who you trust matters – we are here to help!

Fast Facts

In 2020, we issued approximately 5,800 incident alerts:

  • 78% were product recalls or withdrawals
  • 30% were released outside of usual business hours and on weekends – FoodTrack’s editorial team recognized and published these in real time
  • 21% were allergen-related
  • 5% were Class I Recalls
Data courtesy of FoodTrack Analytics