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Manned incident surveillance and preemptive reporting on food safety issues

We work with manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, restaurants, government agencies, and trade organizations.

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Speed of Communication

FoodTrack’s real-time notification system facilitates the immediate removal of recalled products and/or ingredients from process, distribution, and sales. By tracking news in real-time, our alerts will save you time and help expedite a comprehensive plan of action.

Critical Data Tracking

Alerts highlight UPC codes, photos when available, and other identifying markers for products, giving you the power to quickly assess whether there is an affected product within your system. The information allows you to take any action necessary; pull products, find new suppliers, alert consumers, etc.

Crisis Management

Our alerts ensure that your communications departments and crisis management teams are armed with timely and accurate information as events unfold, supporting and enhancing your existing contingency plans.

Risk Management

FoodTrack can help protect your business from liability resulting from illness or injuries linked to recalls, outbreaks, or contamination events. You can be confident that we will expedite the news of any potentially damaging situations to reduce associated risks.

Trend Analysis

We have compiled almost a decade of recall information (over 30,000 Alerts) into our digital database. Customized reports can be created upon request, allowing you to pinpoint trends, visualize critical information, and make data-driven decisions.


Newsletters are designed by our team on a quarterly and annual basis using our FoodTrack data to highlight ongoing trends and provide updates on outbreaks and other major food safety events, helping you stay up to date on industry news.

We provide the information you need – when you need it most.

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